Saxon State Parliament

For information on the latest work of the Parliament, please see our German site and the EDASwebservice information system. The latter gives access to all parliamentary initiatives.

Our staff will be happy to compile any information you require which you cannot find on the site in your preferred language.

Dr. Matthias Rößler (Credit: Steffen Giersch)

“We fought for liberty and democracy in the Peaceful Revolution of 1989. However, parliamentary democracy is not automatically the end of the story. It requires active support by a majority of the populace.”
Quote from Dr. Matthias Rößler, President of the State Parliament

We would be happy to send you a comprehensive brochure on the work, duties and bodies of the Saxon Parliament. It contains information in English, French, Czech, Polish and Russian.

To receive the brochure, please send us an e-mail with your postal address and “Kurzführer International” (International Guide) as the subject line or use our publication ordering system.

Sächsischer Landtag
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Commissioner for Foreign Nationals

The Saxon State Parliament has established the office of the Saxon Commissioner for Foreign Nationals to address the specific interests and needs of foreigners living in Saxony.

Basic information about the Saxon Commissioner for Foreign Nationals