Büro des Präsidenten und des Vizepräsidenten

President and Vice-Presidents

Dr. Matthias Rößler

Detailansicht öffnen: President Dr. Matthias Rößler
President Dr. Matthias Rößler

The President of the State Parliament is the highest-ranking representative of the State Parliament. The President represents the State Parliament to the outside world, and is therefore the face and voice of the Parliament. They perform their duties in a non-partisan and just manner.

The President and his or her deputies, the Vice Presidents, are elected by the State Parliament at the beginning of each legislative term. Since 2009, Dr. Matthias Rößler has held the office of President (vita of the President). He is supported by three Vice Presidents.


Detailansicht öffnen: Portrait Andrea Dombois
First Vice President Andrea Dombois
Detailansicht öffnen: Portrait Andre Wendt
Second Vice President André Wendt
Detailansicht öffnen: Portrait Luise Neuhaus-Wartenberg
Third Vice President Luise Neuhaus-Wartenberg

The President

• convenes and leads sessions of the State Parliament, ensuring that the Rules of Procedure are adhered to. He is assisted during each session by two recording clerks.

• protects the reputation and laws of the State Parliament.

• controls who can enter the State Parliament building and exercises police powers there.

• manages the financial affairs of the State Parliament in accordance with the Budget Act.

• is responsible for the State Parliament’s official communications, e.g. with the State Government.